Covid Response – Products to Purify the Air You Breathe

Dolvin Consulting is proud to partner with Vollara to bring affordable and proven effective clean-air solutions to organizations of all sizes.  Please check our Covid-Response web page for highlights and links to more information, features, specifications, and documents. The Air & Surface Pro with ActivePure Technology fills up to a 3,000 sq. ft. area with safe oxidizing molecules that destroy harmful pathogens and contaminants that are in the air and on surfaces. The ActivePure technology was developed to protect the astronauts on NASA’s International Space Station.

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Would you like to feel safe while breathing in your office or home?

Do you need to feel safe while breathing in your office or home? FDA cleared air-purification device that is proven to kill 99.98% of the COVID-19 virus - in the air and on the surfaces - of an area up to 3,000 sq ft (99.9999% for other viruses).  You are among the first to hear about this!  This device is perfect for healthcare practices, small businesses, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, hotel rooms and your friend’s and family’s homes, etc.  If every facility had this device, it would virtually eliminate the need for masks! It was originally developed to protect the astronauts on the NASA International Space Station.  As a matter of fact, this product is one of only 75 technologies introduced into the Space Technology "Hall of Fame" in the past 30 years!  The patent was developed by a 90-year-old US company to now market to the public.  This free-standing unit was supposed to be released in January 2021, but because of COVID-19 it was introduced in April.  They added capacity to their 500,000 square-foot plant to keep up with the incredible demand! See how it works (video): Find out more and order if it meets your needs:…

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We Hope Everyone is Safe :)

We hope that everyone is safe in the wake of recent severe weather and Pandemic challenges. The Pandemic has changed how and where we work. Initially many organizations had to rapidly deploy existing technology in new ways or locations. In some cases, equipment that was not designed for remote or mobile service. In other cases, some workers were not ready for offsite work. Yet, we have seen through all of this, great resilience in the organizations we serve. What plans does your organization have for getting everyone back to work safely? We provide technical evaluations and services to ensure that organizations can once again meet regulatory compliance and safeguard standards. We have the tools and resources necessary to survey, assess, modernize, upgrade, maintain your infrastructure. Are your employees afraid of how they will go back to work safely? We have built relationships in the medical industry which allow us to distribute approved prevention, testing, and reporting solutions. Let us show you how these products and services will help ease the fears of your workers and reporting requirements. We provide: • Suggested testing protocols for Employers and Healthcare Providers. • Indoor air purification upgrades to HVAC systems (no upfront capital required).…

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