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An Overview of Dolvin Consulting

Your organization can fuel its growth with the right technology solutions which are integrated around your business. Sustained, true growth is not accidental; it is a planned series of events.

At Dolvin Consulting we take the time to learn about and understand your business challenges from your point of view so that we can help you streamline your operations, reduce your costs and become more profitable. Dolvin can assist your business in selecting the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and provide the entire lifecycle of technology service, from procurement to ongoing maintenance for your systems, software and hardware.

Dolvin Consulting is an Information Technology company that specializes in helping businesses that typically experience the feelings below:

    • Concerned, that they have outgrown manual processes and are looking to improve or streamline their operations.
    • Worried, that they need help in integrating their separate systems.
    • Frustrated, because they feel they need a solution to help the growth of their business, but are not sure where to begin that process.
    • Unhappy, that their inventory levels are not correct or take too long to reconcile.
    • Disappointed, with their current investment in technology.
    • Angry, because they have to put off new projects, because of a lack of resources.
    • Challenged, that they feel they are not providing the type of customer service or meeting the day-to-day demands their customers expect and their competition is providing.
    • Annoyed, by working with IT professionals who do not speak your language, understand your business, or listen to your needs.
    • Worried, about lawsuits related to the theft of private information.
    • Alarmed, about the potential loss of their customers resulting from a data breach or loss of personal information.

If any of the above statements apply to your organization, we can help. Dolvin has years of experience helping businesses overcome outdated and inefficient technologies and systems. Our strategic partnerships with technology leaders will help you develop a resilient technology infrastructure that provides a security rich infrastructure for growth.

Getting Started: How we engage with you.

  • Contact us to start the conversation and identify your real challenges and determine relative risks and potential improvements.
  • Perform a high level overview analysis and review for potential solution fit.
  • High level product overview or demo to gauge the effectiveness and organizational cultural fit.
  • Budget review with decision makers.
  • Departmental review with needs analysis, when necessary.
  • In depth product review and demonstration to show how the solution addresses the challenges.
  • Revised proposal for approval.
  • Agreement.
  • When available provide a trail period for evaluation of effectiveness.
  • Project plan for implementation.
  • Training and implementation.
  • Review effectiveness and implement updates when and where needed.


Solutions are available through Dolvin Consulting. We take the time to look at and listen to your business needs. We leverage our industry knowledge and contacts to make sure you have the right solution to your challenges.

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