ERP Cloud Computing 

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Focus on your Business.  By moving to The-Cloud, companies can concentrate on running their businesses and Enterprise applications while leaving the infrastructure management to the experts.

Easy Scale out for Software or Upgrades

The-Cloud grows as you grow. You can add additional storage, memory, or processing power with zero disruption, and there is no need to purchase new servers or upgrade operating systems to enable additional features or function.

Faster Deployments

The-Cloud has the infrastructure and equipment already in place so no lead time for equipment acquisition is required. This enables projects to start faster and end sooner.

Reduce Capital Costs

There's no need to spend big money on hardware, software, or licensing fees. By moving your systems to The-Cloud, you eliminate the need to own expensive hardware. Your business is focused on the applications you need to execute efficiently without having to worry about hardware related issues.

Expertise in Cloud Infrastructure and VAI Applications

The-Cloud employees have decades of experience in all cloud architecture components and are experts in application deployments with support that is unparalleled and readily available to all customers.

Improve Security

The-Cloud adds the latest in security beyond most businesses' capabilities and automatic updates without the need for downtime.

Less Personnel Training

Moving software applications to The-Cloud reduces the number of technical skill sets required for you to run end-to-end software solutions for your business. Managing the many different technologies that are required for solutions in today's world becomes the responsibility of the cloud provider.  

Disaster Recovery

In today's highly competitive environment, businesses need to have a disaster recovery plan and high availability in place.  The-Cloud provides this without all of the complexities and expense. Cloud infrastructure spans multiple data centers with full synchronization between redundant systems.

All You Need To Know About ERP

Cloud computing is now evolving like never before, with companies of all shapes and sizes adapting to this new technology.  Our solutions are built on standards-based technologies such as HTML5 and AJAX and can run on pretty much any platform with a modern web-browser.  Modern ERP solutions require sophisticated infrastructure.  Utilizing The-Cloud takes the complexity of running this infrastructure out of your hands, and also gives you the benefit of a fully redundant data center.  This also includes all of the maintenance, management and upgrades of this infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on running your core business.  As more consumers and businesses adopt tools such as smart phones and tablets, the ability to host applications in the cloud and access it from just about anywhere on the planet is quickly becoming vital.

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