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We Hope Everyone is Safe :)

We hope that everyone is safe in the wake of recent severe weather and Pandemic challenges.

The Pandemic has changed how and where we work. Initially many organizations had to rapidly deploy existing technology in new ways or locations. In some cases, equipment that was not designed for remote or mobile service. In other cases, some workers were not ready for offsite work. Yet, we have seen through all of this, great resilience in the organizations we serve.

What plans does your organization have for getting everyone back to work safely?

We provide technical evaluations and services to ensure that organizations can once again meet regulatory compliance and safeguard standards. We have the tools and resources necessary to survey, assess, modernize, upgrade, maintain your infrastructure.

Are your employees afraid of how they will go back to work safely? We have built relationships in the medical industry which allow us to distribute approved prevention, testing, and reporting solutions. Let us show you how these products and services will help ease the fears of your workers and reporting requirements.

We provide:
• Suggested testing protocols for Employers and Healthcare Providers.
• Indoor air purification upgrades to HVAC systems (no upfront capital required).
• Portable Thermal Reader Detection Equipment.
• PPE- Nasal Screens.
• PPE- Self Adhesive Breathable N95 Masks.
• Rapid Antibody test kits detecting IgM and IgG antibodies (10-15 minute results).
• Rapid Antigen test kits (15 minute results).
• PCR Molecular Test kits, Nasal or Oral swab (Results in 24 or 48 hours from robotic testing).
• Legislation meeting reporting application, to meeting reporting compliance.

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