ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Ever-changing regulations in the pharmaceutical industry force companies to adopt new technology in order to maintain efficiency and competitiveness. With the right tools, you can improve operational processes, create efficiencies throughout the organization, expand relationships with suppliers, and continually improve customer satisfaction. VAI S2K Pharma is a complete, out-of-the-box ERP solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry, allowing manufacturers and distributors the ability to achieve long-term growth and success, and meet regulatory compliance.

S2K Pharma Features:

    • Built-in DSCSA Transaction Statements
    • ARCOS Reporting
    • DEA 222 Controls
    • Built-in SOMS
    • CSOS Interface
    • Item Substitutions
    • Item Type Control
    • Customer Order Thresholds
    • Compliance Dashboard
    • Customer Item Control
    • Interface to Drug Info Databases
    • Rebates, Allowances, Chargebacks
    • RF & Automated Warehousing
    • Customer Contracts
    • Built-in License Management
    • Brand/Generic Items
    • Lot & Date Tracking
    • Recall Reporting
    • Performance Dashboards
    • Customizable Reports
    • Sales Force Automation

How the right solution may help:

    • License Management
    • Compliance Dashboard
    • Increase in Total Product Output
    • Inventory Cost Savings
    • Improvement in On-Time Delivery
    • Reduced Operating Expense

All You Need To Know About ERP

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