ERP for Distribution Industry

Many midsize companies struggle with being able to bring on the technology skills to allow them to compete with larger enterprises. When you are looking at applications like mobile or analytics or commerce, midsize companies require solutions that can provide end-to-end capabilities rather than having to buy and implement all the hardware and applications themselves. S2K Enterprise in the cloud offers midsized growth companies the advanced technology they require to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow - all in one easy to deploy and support environment. With built-in analytics and intelligence, S2K Enterprise ERP cloud-based solutions provide companies with the ability to confidently make smarter decisions that better address real-time business imperatives.

Available on premise or in the cloud, VAI’s S2K Enterprise solution, provides an easy to use suite of software applications to address all aspects of the distribution, manufacturing, specialty retail, and service sectors. VAI offers a completely integrated ERP solution utilizing one central database, streamlining business processes to eliminate complexity and integration costs. With our unlimited user license option, VAI’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) allows you to realize the Return on your Investment (ROI) even faster.

Business benefits from ERP solutions:

    • Enhance Productivity with Desktop Integration
    • Monitor Business Goals with Key Performance Indicators
    • Accurate On-Time Delivery of Products
    • Improve Inventory Management and Purchasing
    • Anytime / Anywhere / Any Device Access
    • Automate the Distribution of Key Reports
    • Be Proactive with Real-Time Work Flow Alerts
    • Improve Customer Service and Open New Markets
    • Make Better Business Decisions
    • Increase Sales
    • Improve Credit and Collections
    • Streamline Manufacturing Operations

Typically challenges include:

    • Tight Margins
    • Eliminating excess and dead stock
    • Balancing carrying costs against order fill rates
    • Streamlining warehouse operations
    • Reducing shrink, waste, and errors
    • Innovating and adding value to earn customer loyalty
    • Managing service, warranties, and maintenance
    • Online and self-serve options
    • Cost control

How the right solution may help:

    • Maximize inventory value with advanced purchasing formulas
    • Optimize your warehouse operations with scanning
    • Streamline order fulfillment
    • Reduce or automate manual processes
    • Link people, processes, and information
    • Gain insight to enhance operational and management decision-making
    • Empower your people with tools that fuel productivity
    • Leverage the web to provide customer self service and open new markets
    • Increase sales and improve customer service with sales force automation
    • Use mobile apps to interact with customers in new ways

All You Need To Know About ERP

Solutions are available through Dolvin Consulting. We take the time to look at and listen to your business needs. We leverage our industry knowledge and contacts to make sure you have the right solution to your challenges.

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