Covid Response – Products to Purify the Air You Breathe

Dolvin Consulting is proud to partner with Vollara to bring affordable and proven effective clean-air solutions to organizations of all sizes.  Please check our Covid-Response web page for highlights and links to more information, features, specifications, and documents. The Air & Surface Pro with ActivePure Technology fills up to a 3,000 sq. ft. area with safe oxidizing molecules that destroy harmful pathogens and contaminants that are in the air and on surfaces. The ActivePure technology was developed to protect the astronauts on NASA’s International Space Station.

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July 2021 – Virtual Tour Picks from our Staff

I Will Flip For You Humanoid robots are being designed for acrobatic maneuvers View It Now Shape Shifting Robots Combining origami and electrical engineering, researchers are building a reconfigurable robot View It Now The Sky is the Limits Location based AR 'Sky Advertising', just aim at the sky to unlock ads View It Now

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June 2021 – Virtual Picks from our Staff

2021 June - Virtual Tour Picks from our Staff The Future of Meetings The future of meetings where experiences are immersive, and connections feel natural View It Now 3D Vehicle Dashboards Unique glass displays 3D objects in augmented reality as shown in  automobiles View It Now Robots & Historic Spaces Engineers will no longer have to measure old buildings using manual methods View It Now

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May 2021 – Virtual Tour Picks from our Staff

  Robots in Surgery Robots are now helping with knee replacement surgery providing less downtime View It Now The Eldery and VR Virtual reality could help improve balance in older people as we discover new ways to use VR View It Now Top Medical Robots The time when surgeons will be replaced by robots is not far off as this video explains View It Now

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April 2021 – This Month’s Video Picks

And ... Virtual Tour Picks from our Staff Robots in Healthcare Robots in the healthcare sector operate mainly behind the scenes. View It Now Work and VR Microsoft looks at enhancing mobile work and productivity with virtual reality View It Now Finally in Focus Cameras finally get a peek inside the workshop at Boston Dynamics, where robots abound View It Now

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Is ERP failing Manufacturers?

Is ERP failing Manufacturers? - Is there a better way to forecast demand? - Is there a better approach? Forecasting is an important component of an ERP solution, but so is finding the right solution.  There are many software solutions.  Finding an integrated solution with proper support is critical if the implementation is to be successful and return on investment (ROI) is actually returned. Too many times software alone is seen as the solution and not enough buy in from management to budget enough resources to properly train and implement the solution.  Technology departments install and integrate the application, then pilot the use.  Everything looks promising, then when the Technology department moves on to the next project the last one slowly fades away.  Overburdened workers are not motivated enough to use the tools they already have.  What just happened to the efficiency you thought you were purchasing? Can you really purchase efficiency? How many times have you been frustrated by receiving a spread sheet report and the data is out of sync or miscalculated?  How many decisions did you make based on out-of-date-data?  How many decisions were not able to made, because you did not have any information? Forecasting is…

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) - Does your Enterprise Software (ERP) solution fail to provide any useful information?  Is the information there, but it takes too long to be delivered so that it is not news?  How many different versions have you tried to implement?  Was there something missing, not quite right?  There is value in picking an ERP solution that has a fully integrate and comprehensive BI solution. Analytics is a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) tool that can help you improve service levels, gain visibility into revenue and profitability performance, control costs and better manage extended and complex supply chains. This powerful tool connects your staff with enterprise information in a way that is easy-to-use so they can make better decisions. Set targets, see results and understand what drives the numbers Identify trends that may be benefits or threats Take action with a common context for decision-making across every department Identify and analyze opportunities and trends Having pre-configured dashboards help you gain immediate visibility into sales, monitor revenue and make sure targets are hit.  Analytics helps you see the big picture and monitor the performance at a company or location level. Detailed dashboards let you analyze volumes and profitability by sales rep,…

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Just In Time Inventory Control Systems

Just In Time Inventory Control Systems (JIT) are about eliminating waste and gaining the most value out of your operation. Just In Time Inventory Control Systems provide the platform for Lean Manufacturing, enabling you to have the exact amount of materials and inventory you need, when you need it- no more and no less. Inventory remaining in your warehouse collects dust and cost instead of revenue. In addition to lost profit from administration, financing and storage costs, inventory in your warehouse has to be insured or is exposed to risk such as fires, floods, obsolescence, and market depreciation. And raw material inventory remaining in the warehouse for a sluggish product can be a significant drag in markets that demand fast product changes. Competitive markets reward fluid operations, responsive to costs and opportunities, requiring assets that produce revenue. A fluid, responsive operation enables you to move product quickly, based on demand with purchase orders in step with inventory movement. The end result? Faster movement of accurate quantities of inventory, responsive to your markets, with faster time to revenue. Just In Time Inventory Control Systems are delivered through a combination of software and services, supported by experts with wide experience in the…

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