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Messaging and Message Management

You utilize collaboration services like email to stay connected.  It is not an optional component to your operations.  How much time do you and your staff expend taking care of spam/junk email?  How often has a workstation or other operation been compromised by malicious content?  Have anyone you known, including yourself, been victimized by some entity using your account to send virus emails to all of your contacts?

What happens to your reputation when you have been compromised? 

Are you in a regulated industry and need to archive your email?  Are you concerned about E-Discovery and harassment suits?  Are you archiving spam or real email?  Do you need to send confidential information via email?

Does your mail service ever go down?  How long does it take your staff or service provider to perform maintenance or upgrades?  Has a weather storm ever affected your operations?  Would having a service that automatically took over when you systems were offline be valuable?


How can we help you?

  • Inbound and Outbound email filtering.
     - Get rid of the spam, prevent the transmission of spam.
  • Message Continuity.
     - Keeps your staff communicating even if your systems go down.
  • Message Archiving.
     - Save you information for E-Discovery or compliance requirements.
  • Message Encryption.
     - Transmit confidential information securely.
  • Web Protection.
     - Protect your reputation by protecting your staff’s behavior.
  • Email Hosting.
     - Remove your worries about obsolescence and let someone else take care of the details.

Ask Dolvin About:

  • Email Archiving.
  • Email Encryption.
  • Email Inbound Filtering.
  • Email Protection and Continuity.
  • Email Security and Archiving.
  • Endpoint Security.
  • Web and Email Protection.
  • Managed Solutions by SpamSoft
  • Bundled Solutions by McAfee
  • Core Protection Suite.
  • Hosted Exchange.
  • Mail Encryption.
  • Simple Mail Hosting.
  • Message Archiving.
  • Web Protection.

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