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Internal Threat Awareness

One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is to understand if their network security is effective particularly in the current mixed technology environment that includes mobile computing.  With the endpoint becoming the new perimeter, have you secured your network effectively?

Experts believe that you should not be looking at boarders.  Your focus should be with the endpoint.  Where your users and customer and suppliers, and employees are touching your information.  The information you are responsible for safekeeping.  With the endpoint becoming the new perimeter, you will need new tools to manage your security.  How well do you sleep at night?  How well have you secured your network? 

The goal of any security program is to choose and implement cost effective countermeasures that mitigate the vulnerabilities that will most likely lead to loss.

Whether you realize it or not, you are betting everything on your preparedness.  Return on Investment (ROI) is important, but does not change the requirements of due diligence.  Budgets are limited and every amount needs to be justified.  Adding to the confusion there does not seem to be a consistent rule that can be applied. 

The bottom line is that it is your responsibility.  Most people with anything of value do not walk around without life insurance.  Businesses have liability insurance, which by the way typically does not cover data breaches.  Stop debating the issues that you already know the answers to and let us help you implement industry best practice services to mitigate the risks.

The industry calls this Unified Threat Management (UTM).   We call it a wakeup call for you.

While external threats are still danger, too many do not allocate enough resources to internal threats.  Internal threats can generally be categorized as malicious or careless.  Our suite of applications help to protect you from both types of threats.

Consider these key facts:

  • Insiders are responsible for 70 percent of the security incidents that incur losses.
    - Source: Identity Theft Resource Center
  • 60 percent of exiting employees walked out with company information
    - Source: Ponemon Institute
  • Over 600,000 laptops are lost or stolen annually in the USA and only 3% are recovered.
    - Source: Gartner

Through the use of our integrated suite of web content filtering, data loss prevention, PC activity monitoring and laptop recovery, we help you solve the problem of the internal threats at the endpoint, regardless of whether your users are on or off of the network, perfect for the mobile workforce.

How can we help you?

  • Filter Web/Internet Content.  We help you to filter content directly at the endpoint device.  The device actually making the request for information without any hardware investment.  This reduces the latency.  Monitoring happens in real-time regardless of physical location.  More than just URL filtering a tool that gives you a true understanding of whether or not your employees are acting in a safe and productive manner.
  • Employee Monitoring.  Many services allow you to track where someone visits, but few allow you to know what they are actually doing while they are there, how long they were doing it, what they saw and what risks they exposed your equipment and network to.  All selected activity is monitored, not just web surfing.
  • Monitor the flow of information for data loss prevention (DLP).  Ensure that no critical or regulated data is stored inappropriately across the organization.  This service looks at the actual content of the information regardless of the medium for patterns like Social Security Numbers (SSN), Credit Card numbers, Phone numbers, and Contact information, for example.   In short you can define and refine the criteria based on your business operations and audit, log, and intervene with the transmission of that information.
  • Laptop recovery.  Laptop theft/loss remains far and away the biggest cause of confidential data loss.  In the event of laptop theft or loss, you can geo-locate the laptop in real time as well as remotely delete/retrieve files from the stolen computer. You can also monitor and control the thief’s every action. We’ll also work with law enforcement to help you recover the physical property.
  • Mobile Monitor.  Mobile Monitor lets you monitor all text messages and emails so you know exactly what information is leaving your organization.


If you are reading this information, presumably you still have your device, which is a good thing.  Why don't we help you keep it that way?


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