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Dolvin Consulting - Business Technology Consulting Services

Dolvin Consulting is a Business Information Technology consulting firm located in Hamilton, NJ. Dolvin provides technical consulting and compliance services to companies in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and related industries in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.


Managing a business is hard enough. Managing the infrastructure, assets, technology and liabilities is even harder.  This is where we help.  We are not here to tell you how to run your business.  We are here to provide you with insight and resources that will help you do what you do best and keep your people productive.



Business Technology Services

Business Technology Consulting in PA and NJ

Dolvin Consulting provides a complete suite of technology consulting services to help your business grow. From desktop computers, programming, system integrations, ERP, CRM and warehouse management solutions, we have the technology you need.

ERP Solutions and Services

ERP Solutions in PA and NJ

Dolvin Consulting is a premier provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, solutions and integration services. We predominately service Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Learn more about our ERP Software Solutions today






Dolvin Consulting can assist your business in selecting the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Risk Management Solutions and can provide the entire lifecycle of technology service, from procurement to ongoing maintenance for your systems, software and hardware.



Operational Efficiency Solutions

Technical Business Efficiencies

Does your NJ or PA based small business have what it needs to grow?  Are you able to remain competitive against the giants in your industry?  Dolvin Consulting can help.   We provide outsourced business process solutions, technical solutions and innovative software solutions to help you maximize your efficiencies and increase your profitability. 


Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Services

Dolvin Consulting can help with risk mitigation, disaster recovery planning, business continuity and overall business security.  From corporate identity theft protection to virus protection, we've got the solutions to keep your business out of trouble.  Let our team help you get a handle around Risk Management and Risk Mitigation.






Dolvin Consulting has the experience and resources to help you implement the right technology to streamline your operations, manage risk and satisfy compliance regulations so you improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and become more profitable.


Dolvin works with organizations in the Financial, Medical/HIPAA, Manufacuturing, Distribution, Warehousing, E-Commerce, Metals, Food, Retail and Service & Repair industries.


See a Video Introduction of Dolvin See a brief video introduction from our CEO

Let Dolvin become your partner and help you build a streamlined, profitable business that is supported by the best technologies and industry best practices.


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