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Mission Statement

Dolvin Consulting:

Is dedicated to helping businesses like yours grow and expand.

We start by meeting your basic IT needs, from establishing a network to running advanced applications. Let Dolvin Consulting help you improve your productivity and cut costs. We strive to meet customer timetables in implementing solutions.


Helps customers bridge the technical and management sides of business.

Internet technologies are changing economical principals and increasing productivity. By providing innovative customer solutions for the retail, distribution, and manufacturing industries, customers see real benefit from their technology investment.


Provides customers freedom and flexibility in choosing/outsourcing computer services.

On-time, on-budget projects. Availability of multi-skilled personnel offer alternatives to in-house/traditional information technology resources all work to put you ahead of the competition. Easy to use, fast solutions allow customers to reduce operational costs and improve customer service.


Helps clients achieve their business objectives.

We invest in the skills of our personnel and technology we use. Our employees are dedicated to professionalism and committed to customer satisfaction.


Achieves superior results, regardless of your computing platform.

The common denominator in every phase of growth has been a profound commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Can help your E-Business by getting customers to visit your Web site.

Once there, make them stay as long as possible making them return again and again.


Michael DeCamillis, President
Dolvin Consulting, Since 1998


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