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About Dolvin

We have Technology Solutions for your business:

Dolvin Consulting is an Information Technology company that helps organizations streamline their computer operations, manage risk and satisfy compliance regulations so they improve their operational efficiencies, reduce costs and become more profitable.


Dolvin Consulting specializes in helping businesses that are:


  • Concerned that they have outgrown manual processes and are looking to improve or streamline their operations.
  • Worried that they need help in integrating their seperate systems.
  • Frustrated, becuase they feel they need a solution to help the growth of their business, but are not sure where to begin that process.
  • Unhappy that their inventory levels are not correct.
  • Disappointed with their current investment in technology and the knowledge that there is valuable information in their system that they are unable to retrieve easily and in a usable format.
  • Challenged with keeping up with the day-to-day demands of their customers.
  • Angry, because they have to put off new projects, because of a lack of resources.
  • Anxious, because they lack an integrated e-business solution to serve their customers and suppliers.
  • Concerned about lawsuites and government regulators as a result of the theft of private information.
  • Worried about the loss of reputation and business related to a data breach.
  • Overwhelmed trying to keep up with HIPAA and PCI compliance regulations.


Are you annoyed by working with IT professionals who do not speak your language, understand your business, or listen to your needs?


Since 1998, Dolvin has been assisting businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a variety of technical and hands on consulting services.  If any of the above questions apply to your organization, we can help. Dolvin has years of experience helping businesses become state-of-the-art with their technologies and systems.





  • Dolvin Consulting is certified in    the leading technologies that    drive business today. See our certifications and professional affiliations.
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Mission Statement:

Our Services:

  • Dolvin is committed to providing the best possible service with the lowest hasssle to its clients. Our mission is to service you while being conscious of your costs.
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  • From network installation to business planning, we provide the technology services and solutions to help you maintain a profitable business.
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